At Jim Treman Architecture, we see each project as an opportunity to create a unique design solution that synthesizes the client’s programmatic needs with the individual attributes of the site as well as the context within which the project exists. First and foremost, the clients programmatic, spatial, and budgetary needs are taken into account. With these, the design is integrated with the site - taking advantage of its natural attributes while mitigating any less desirable ones. This all takes place within the context of the neighborhood and community - reflecting its time and place within – to ultimately create a design solution that synthesizes form, function, site and context.

By working closely with the client, we develop an overall project vision, wherein light, rhythm, textures, patterns and materials are utilized to create beauty, balance and visual interest to meet this project vision. We excel at developing creative, unique and affordable design solutions regardless of project size, scope or budget and believe that quality design is possible in all architectural styles.

At JTA, we feel sustainability, energy conservation and resource efficiency are important aspects of all projects and keep these issues in the forefront of our designs. In most cases, being 'green' is not that difficult - it is simply a matter of being aware. It can be as simple as a properly sited building, intelligently placed fenestration, and appropriate material selection. It can also include strategies such as embodied energy and life cycle analysis, incorporating resource efficient construction methods and recycling and reducing waste on the job site. We encourage environmentally responsible design, but ultimately it is the client that drives the level of sustainability of their project.

We see each and every project as a way to create something unique and wonderful. Feel free to contact us to discuss any project you might be considering.